Layaway Policy

3G tactical can provide our customers the convenience of a layaway plan. This enables them to buy merchandise by putting down a deposit and making payments until it is fully paid.

With the initial down payment and regular monthly payments, we can keep the layaway open until it's paid off in 90 days. See the specific details below:

  Items totaling between $250 and $1000 dollars may be purchased on layaway. Layaway is limited to in stock items only, or items that can be ordered and received within 2-3 days. A Layaway Agreement must be signed before any item will be placed in layaway.

  Laway applies to in store only. No online layaways are available..

  Limited to purchase amount between $250 and $1000 dollars

  To open a layaway, a deposit of $25% of the purchase price is required plus a $5.00 setup fee. The deposit is non-refundable if the layaway is cancelled.

  Any specials or discounts available at the time of the initial payment will be applied, however subsequent specials or discounts that occur during the layaway period are not applicable.

  Layaways are limited to a 90 day maximum length of time.

  A minimum monthly payment of 25% of the purchase price is required until it is paid off.

  Late payment (8 or more days past due) fee of $15

  Late payment (one month and one day past due) cancels layaway. Money refunded except for the 25% deposit. $5.00 set up fee and $15.00 late fee are taken  out of the 25% deposit.


Please Be Aware: If the customer does not accept the transfer because he/she does not pass the Federal NICS Background Check required for the purchase of a firearm, or because he/she changes their mind and decides they do not want the merchandise, the merchandise will be placed back in stock. 3G Tactical will retain all money until the merchandise is sold. Once the merchandise is sold, the money will be refunded except for the non-refundable deposit.
If you have an enquiry or would like more information about our layaway policy, please contact us, or phone (937) 506-8108 Monday through Friday between the hours of 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Eastern time.



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