Ownership of NFA Weapons: Individuals

Taking ownership in your name is one option of ownership. If you live in a jurisdiction where law enforcement makes no issue of this you simply take the application to your local chief of police or sheriff and ask them to sign the application. Their signature is not permission to own the firearm but is required for the application. Only the ATF has the final say on ownership. Some buyers ask “what if they (ATF) doesn’t approve the application. If you are 21 or over, have no criminal record, and ownership is legal in the jurisdiction they approve them.

If you live in a jurisdiction where the head of your local law enforcement agency is not cooperative and will not sign the forms you will find it almost impossible to take ownership in your name. Don’t worry! If you cannot get a law enforcement signature you can still purchase an NFA firearm. Below are two more methods of ownership and these methods do have an advantage over purchasing one in your name. A registration in an individuals name requires the application to include a set of fingerprints, FBI background check, and photographs. The additional fingerprint check slows down the application process.

Advantages of Individual Ownership:







Disadvantages of Individual Ownership







IMPORTANT: We do not provide legal advice. For information on registration and transfers to an entity such as a Corporation, L.L.C., or Revocable Trust etc, please contact us. We can refer you to an appropriate, competent attorney to assist you with your particular needs.

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