General Information Regarding NFA Items

3G Tactical is a Class III SOT firearms dealer. Possession and ownership is legal provided the items are properly registered and comply with federal law. The proces is simple and you should not be intimidated by the paperwork. If you are interested in acquiring a NFA item such as a suppressor, short barrel rifle (SBR) or fully automatic firearm we can assist you.

Ownership of NFA Items

There is a lot of confusion and misunderstanding about ownership of NFA items or what are sometimes incorrectly referred to as Class III weapons regulated by federal legislation. Under federal law, machine guns, sound signature suppressors (also known as silencers or cans), all shotguns with a barrel length less than 18" (SBS), all rifles with a barrel length less than 16" (SBR), destructive devices (DD) such as grenade launchers and /or any other weapon (AOW) have never been illegal for Americans to own.

So why are NFA items are often called Class III weapons? This is because a Class III SOT (Special Occupational Taxpayers license) is required to sell NFA items and therefore the items are often referred to Class III weapons. Not all firearms dealers have a Class III SOT and cannot engage in the sale of NFA items. Occasionally, NFA items are referred to as Title II weapons. The reason for this naming convention is that the National Firearms Act (NFA) is referred to as Title II of the Federal firearms laws. The Gun Control Act of 1968 ("GCA") is Title I.

Excise Taxes

All machine guns, suppressors, SBR and SBS not in the possession of the United States government must be registered. The firearm must be registered (entered into a database maintained by the BATFE) and a one time $200.00 federal excise tax must be paid to BATFE only when the weapon is transferred to a different owner. This tax is not an annual tax, it is simply an excise tax. If the weapon is re-sold two months or twenty years later, there is still only the one time $200.00 excise tax at the time of each sale.

Ownership Methods

The three most common methods used to gain ownership of items that are covered under the NFA are; individual ownership, corporate ownership or registration to a revocable trust. In the case of the applicant (purchaser) being an individual, he/she submits a federal registration Form 4 including fingerprints, photograph and a signature from their chief law enforcement officer to the BATFE along with the $200.00 excise tax, and after a criminal background check and final approval, then and only then can the firearm be transferred from the seller to the buyer. If a CLEO signature cannot be obtained, and individual may register the NFA firearm to a registered entity or trust. You DO NOT need a Class III SOT to own or posses a NFA Item.

The consideration of which route to take when purchasing NFA items is important as each method has benefits and tradeoffs. We have listed many of the of advantages and disadvantages that must be weighed before deciding how to proceed. Follow the links above for insight into each method of ownership. One option is not necessarily better than the other and each individual's circumstance will dictate the method they should choose.

IMPORTANT: We do not provide legal advice. For information on registration and transfers to an entity such as a Corporation, L.L.C., or Revocable Trust etc, please contact us. We can refer you to an appropriate, competent attorney to assist you with your particular needs.


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