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Defensive Pistol I
Defensive Pistol I
Defensive Pistol I
Because Training Makes THE Difference
This is a non-NRA Class. This class will be taught by an NRA Certified Trainer. This is a shooting-only course, all shooting drills will be run from concealment. The students will learn to properly draw from a concealment holster, shoot from multiple positions, find cover and shoot from behind cover, engage multiple attackers, engage a target that is charging at them, engage an attacking vicious animal (NO real animals will be used for this drill), shoot from the hip, shoot from a retention position, shoot one handed from multiple positions and behind cover, learn multiple failure to stop drills, learn to clear common malfunctions, and learn forced reload drills.

In this course only hits on target will count, if you miss we will re-run the drill. 300 rounds is suggested, you may need more, so please use your own judgment based upon your skill level.
Students wishing to take this class must present proof of completion of a basic pistol course; Ohio CHL will be acceptable; or other certificate showing completion of NRA basic pistol, or similar course.

Student Required Materials:
Hearing protection
Eye protection
UProper attire. We will train outdoors, RAIN OR SHINE.
You may want knee pads, some techniques will be done kneeling.
A safe pistol...this should be the pistol you intend to use for concealed carry. If you intend to carry a .22 that is fine, but it is suggested that you carry a .380 or larger caliber. PLEASE bring your EDC (every day carry) firearm.
Pistol owners manual.
Pens, pencils, notepad.
300 rounds of the proper ammunition for your pistol (do not bring ammunition into classroom, ammunition is needed during range time).
At least 1 speed loader, speed strip, or spare magazine
Speed loader pouch, or spare magazine pouch
Concealed carry cover garment, (any of the following...jacket, sport coat, over-shirt or sweatshirt)
If you own a concealed carry purse or fanny pack, please bring it as well (do not go buy one just for this class, after training, you may decide you want to buy something different that what you have been looking at, please remember function over form)

About Your Instructor: Bill Martin
Chief Training Counselor at 3G Tactical
NRA Certified Instructor

  Basic Instructor Training

  Home firearm Safety




  Personal Protection in The Home

  Personal Protection Outside the home
NRA Winchester Marksmanship Distinguished Expert Pistol
NRA Winchester Marksmanship Defensive Pistol 1
NRA Winchester Marksmanship Defensive Pistol 2
Completed NRA Defensive Pistol Course
Completed Mad Duck TTC Defensive Pistol Course
Rangemaster Dynamic Handgun
Rangemaster Defensive Shotgun
Completed S.A.R.C. Course (School Attacker Response Course)
S.A.R.C. Certified instructor, with I.C.E. Training Company
Chief Training Counselor at 2nd Amendment Stuff Firearms Training
Has trained with John Farquhar of Mad Duck TTC, Tom Givens of Rangemaster, Rob Pincus of I.C.E. Training Company
NRA Life Member
Member, Association of Defensive Pistol Instructors
Member, Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network
Member USPSA
Positive Upbeat instructor willing to work with anyone with a positive attitude and willingness to learn.
Is dedicated to ensuring that you walk away with the confidence and know-how to safely, correctly, and accurately use a firearm.
Has helped countless people of all ages and levels of firearm knowledge to safely learn about, use and maintain their firearms.

Time And Duration
Class starts at 9am and ends at 3pm - 5pm (6-8 Hours).

Classes held locally at our store front in Tipp City, OH and at a private outdoor range.
3G Tactical
3G Tactical
1455 W. Main St.
Tipp City, OH 45371
Lunch Provided by:
JJs Lunchbox
All classes require registration no later than the Wednesday prior to the class. Please direct any specific questions to the instructor.
NOTE: Safety is the primary concern for all firearms operation and training! Any significant safety infraction during the class will result in that student's removal from the class without refund. Significant safety infractions include but are not limited to a violation of the 4 Fundamental Rules of Firearms Safety, a negligent discharge, sweeping another student or an instructor with the muzzle, and a continued failure to place the weapon on safe or keep your finger off the trigger when not actively engaging targets.
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